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Falka Workshop 3

Začiatok: Sobota 25.11.2017 08:00 Koniec: 25.11.2017 18:00


Greetings everyone!
Im happy to tell you, this is the third time our team organises a HEMA event in our little town. Like in the years before, it will be a small event, but hopefully a lot of fun. Here is the plan:

Friday (nov.24.)
-16:00, tour in Fort Komárno and in the town (if interest is shown)

Saturday (nov.25.)
-08:00, Hall opening and registration
-08:30, warmup
-09:00, First lecture
-11:00, Lunch break
-12:00, Second lecture
-14:00, end of second lecture
-15:00, Tournament
-18:00, Leaving the hall
- Dinner and party :)

If needed, we can arrange accomodation, just tell us until 20th of november. Also if you wish to come to the tour on friday, and have dinner with us on sunday. If you want to participate on the tournament, it would be nice if you let us know before, but the registration is on the day till 12:00. Details and the names of the instructors still to come. Looking forward to see you! :)


Ostatné / Workshop

Komárno, Komárno, Komárno


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